With this first beginner kite course you will experience the unrepeatable thrill of flying a kite for the first time. You will learn to feel the wind and use it intelligently to fly a two-line kite in total safety.
After taking the first steps with a 2 line kite, it's time to fly a real 4 line kite! You will learn to move the kite in the different areas of the wind window and move easily on the beach by managing the kite with one hand, while holding your board on the other.After learning to control the flight of your kite, you are finally ready to face the ocean. You will realize it immediately: controlling the kite in a dynamic context like the open sea is really another story! With these lessons you will learn to be one with your kite, to take advantage of it to move around the sea in all directions. You will therefore begin to find the balance of your body, to carry out the first water start, the starting maneuver that will take you to the first glides.

The following is included: IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) qualified and certified instructors During the course we provide you with all the necessary equipment to practice kitesurfing safely Transfer from our center to the best spot of the day 3 hours of teaching with a maximum of two students per instructor Offshore lessons with boat (depending on conditions) Theory lesson Practical lesson Civil Liability Insurance Insurance for possible accidents during the practice of sport, in accordance with the new regulation for “Active Tourism in Canary Islands"
You need to bring the following for this: Sun cream, Bottle of Water, Energy snack
Course objective: Make yourself independent on earth, learning everything you need to be able to enter the water safely for you, for others and for your equipment. Learn how to relaunch the kite when it falls into the water, know how to move your body in all directions in the water using your kite without the board and learn the water start technique
Commences on the following days of the week:
Kite School is open:
Duration of this course (in hours): 9.0
Description of the learning contents: Evaluation S.E.A. (Spot, Environment, Activity) Wind window theory Check the flight of a two-line kite Launch a two-line kite Land a two-line kite Explore the wind window with a two-line kite Assemble a true 4 line kite How to keep, transport and securely ground a kite Pre-flight checks Take off and land as an assistant Use of different security systems First piloting and exploration of the edge of the wind window with 4-line kite Release the bar Wrap and unroll the lines Control with one hand Walk the kite in flight by checking the kite with one hand and holding the board on the other Discovery of the trim Take off and land the kite as a pilot Disassemble the equipment How to relaunch the kite from the water Body-drag with two hands, on both sides Body drag with power (power stroke) on both sides Bowline body-drag on both sides How to put the board onto your feet Steady Pull Water start The first meters of navigation on the board
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Italian, French
About the instructor: IKO instructor level 2 and level 1
Maximum Number of Participants: 2
Available at the location:
Changing Rooms
Food & Drinks for sale
Kite Equipment for rent
Kite Equipment for sale
Please state your requested date in the message box at the checkout. Bookings will only be accepted when dates have been mutually agreed.:
Agreed by Kite-Surfing school
Terms & Conditions of the Service Provider: Point Break Watersports operates a strict NO refund policy on the bookings of all courses. On payment of deposit and confirmation of booking the clients and Point Break Watersports enter into a contract. Under this contract the clients and Point Break are in agreement that each started lessons is considered a lesson done. The client must accept that these are sports that depend very much on weather conditions and therefore the client must be flexible. The client must also understand that the number of places are limited per day, that’s why all bookings must be considered as definitive once payment is done. Fuerteventura is one of the places around the world providing the best frequency of suitable conditions for any kind of water sport, however it is not a perfect science and it is always possible to get unlucky. For example, Point Break Watersports sells Kite and Windsurfing tuition, but can’t sell wind. Why do we practice a non refund policy? In order to provide our services on the highest possible level, we must always have our teams operational, our equipment, vehicles, boat and whole infrastructure ready to execute our activities. When a course is booked a team of people ( instructors, boat captain, etc) and vehicles is put into motion and lack of suitable conditions can not affect our ability to pay our staff and for vehicles we may have engaged to ensure our structure for a particular session will function. This is why we must consider all bookings as definitive and not refundable. In case of lack of conditions, Point break Watersports will provide alternative solutions. What kind of solutions we propose to our clients? It is clear that in case of lack of appropriate conditions the client should not loose any money either. Point Break Watersports offer alternative activities; in case of lack of wind for Kite/windsurf for instance, we offer surf lessons, SUP lessons, wakeboard sessions (minimum 2 people) or rental of SUP or surfing equipment. The client has the right to refuse taking up an alternative activity in which case the client must accept a voucher that will certify his/her credit to be used within 18 months. As not all activities have the same value, an account will be created for the client according to the nature of the sessions he/she has paid for on the original booking. At the end of their stay a balance is made between what has been paid for and what has been effectively done. Point Break Watersports recommends to all customers who may suffer to take precaution against seasickness. NO credit will be given in case of a client no show, cancellation from the client or not being contactable, in case of seasickness or the client refuses to enter the water during the lesson. The clients authorizes Point Break Watersports to introcuce their data in the database of the company in accordance with the statement of the privacy. No personal information will be transmitted to any third part. The client wish to partecipate in lessons with Point Break Watersports and agrees to abide by their rules and safety regulations. The client is fully aware that watersports are dangerous by its nature and therefore agrees to take all care to avoid injury to all people, including the general public and his-self, and the damage to all property within, near or related practice area. The client agrees that will be liable for any loss or thief of Point Break’s equipment and will reimburse them according to the accepted rated as set out by Point Break Watersports. The client is aware that Point Break Watersports insurance cover third party liabilities but its the responsibility of the client to have contracted a personal insurance to cover all kind of self damages, equipment liability, health costs, etc. etc... that could provided for instance by some travel insurances or national sports organization. The lessons consists of theory and practice SURF: max 8 students/instructor; total duration of the lesson: 4 hours (the lessons begins at the moment of the meeting and ends when you return to the center. KITESURF: max 2 students/instructor; effective duration of the lesson: 1 person/1 instructor = 2 hours; 2 people/instructor = 3 hours SUP: max 4 students/instructor; effective duration of the lesson = 2 hours WINDSURF: max 4 students/instructor; total duration of the lesson = 3 hours

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