A taste of Kitesurfing in El Gouna

Get professional kitesurfing lessons in El Gouna and discover how amazing this sport is! Our 8 hour private course aims to get you confident, safe and riding on the board independently.

The following is included: Premium gear, wetsuit, shoes, harness, Gopro video feedback, private instruction
You need to bring the following for this: Sunglasses, sunblock, hat, towel, swimwear
Course objective: To get students practicing safely and independently
Commences on the following days of the week:
Kite School is open:
Duration of this course (in hours): 8.0
Description of the learning contents: Full basic course: theory, trainer kite, set up and safety, kite control, body dragging, board entry, water starts
Languages spoken: English, German, Dutch, Arabic, French
About the instructor: IKO and VDWS trained instructors, fun and dynamic international team
Maximum Number of Participants: 2
Available at the location:
Changing Rooms
Food & Drinks for sale
Kite Equipment for rent
Kite Equipment for sale
Please state your requested date in the message box at the checkout. Bookings will only be accepted when dates have been mutually agreed.:
Agreed by Kite-Surfing school
Terms & Conditions of the Service Provider: In consideration for the renting, purchasing, or leasing from Kite Tribe School and/or the utilizing of the facilities, instruction, and equipment of Kite Tribe School in engaging in the sport of Kite Surfing, ground instruction, flight instruction and related activities, (hereinafter collectively called “Kitesurfing”). I hereby understand and agree to this Release of Liability, Waiver of Legal Rights and Assumption of Risk and to the terms hereof as follows: I acknowledge that Kitesurfing is an action sport and recreational activity that is subject to mishap and even injury to participants that may result in a broken limb or fatal injury. I hereby RELEASE AND DISCHARGE Kite Tribe Kite School El Gouna, Red Sea, and their directors, employees, instructors, pilots and owners of equipment used for kitesurfing (hereinafter collectively referred to as Kite Tribe) as well as related third party activities (such as wakeboarding excursions, hiking, snorkeling, etc), from any and all liability, claims, demands or causes of action that I may hereafter have for injuries / damages arising out of my participation in Kitesurfing and other related activities.. I will take full responsibility for, and hold harmless Kite Tribe for any injury that I may suffer or inflict upon others or their property as a result of my engaging in Kitesurfing activities. I agree that I will operate the said Kitesurfing equipment in a reasonable and safe manner so as not to endanger the lives of persons or property of any individual. Kitesurfing is dependent on forces of nature and it is the right of Kite Tribe to cancel and postpone lessons and rental based on the weather. I understand that I must follow the instructions set by the teacher or representative of Kite Tribe. I accept that Kite Tribe is entitled at any time to exclude me for not following instruction set by Kite Tribe and that a refund will not be given in this case. I accept responsibility for the equipment I am given and to check the conditions of materials before the lessons or rental time starts. In case of damage or loss of equipment, I hereby agree to cover the cost of repairs or replace what has been lost. Lost items will be replaced at market price. I have read and understood the above and acknowledge that the same constitutes a release of liability and a waiver of my legal rights and also acknowledgement of the assumption of liability by me of all risks arising out of my engaging in Kitesurfing activities. Attention: If you so choose, you can pay a insurance fee of 10 euros per day that covers any damages on your equipment. This does NOT cover any damages of third party equipment or equipment loss. Refund is given (not including third party commissions deducted) in case of no wind. 75% refunded with cancellations up to 7 days prior to start date.

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