Kitecamp in Safaga / Egypt

You want to go kitesurfing but you don't want to go alone?

You want to have some coaching to be more self sufficient or you want to learn a new trick but you don't know how to start?

Magicwaters Kitecamp - more than just a kite lesson.

We support you through the whole week: pick you up from the airport, show you everything, we live at the same place, do yoga together (if you want) and most of all:

We will push your Kitesurfing skills!

✓ either you are advanced or beginner, you will be taught at your level

✓our kitecamp is a mixture of group courses, private hours and time to train by yourself

✓we use Videos and Pictures to analyse your technique

✓ we teach you with headset so you can have fast feedback

Whats so special about Magicwaters?

✓ you can try Yoga with us!

✓ we do loads of activities if theres no wind (for example our creative workshops! Or SUP or we show you windsurfing!)

✓ we love to create a great community feeling (you will get a cool Team Tshirt and pictures of yourself at the end of the week!)

✓ we show you arround: lets taste different restaurant and bars, dip into the culture with us and feel like a local instead of like a tourist!

✓ we stay buddies event after the Event: most of our students stay in the Magicwaters community - they become friends, go kiting together and meet again at the other Magicwaters Events!



  1. week: 20.04. - 27.04.2020
  2. week: 27.04. - 04.05.2020
  3. week: 04.05. - 11.05.2020
The following is included: ✓ transfer Hurghada airport and back ✓ accomodation in a single room ✓ breakfast and dinner ✓ 6 days of coaching Kitesurfing with Video/Photo analisis from licensed Instructors ✓ full Kitesurf Material use (no equipment needed) ✓ 6 Yoga units ✓ no wind activities ✓Mystic team tshirt
You need to bring the following for this: ✓ suncream ✓sunglasses ✓your own neopren shoes (you can use the rental ones, but its more hygienic to have your own!)
Course objective: In Safaga we are located in our Kitevilla directly at the spot not even 10 meters away from the water! You will sleep in a big spacious room for yourself, breakfast and dinner included and the best italian coffee, made by italians! We have the big playground just in front of us (flat water, lots of space, maximum 10 other Kitesurfers on the water) A bit further out we have the "Paradise" its an epic lagoon with white sand and kneedeep water only 5 minutes away from the Villa. Advanced Riders can cross over to experience the nice flatwater sandband. In case of lowtide we have a second spot close to the Villa which we can reach by car. We can practise deep Water riding here, or foiling for the more advanced riders! Come out and play with us! Join our Kitecamp no matter which Level you are- you will learn a lot !!
Commences on the following days of the week:
Kite School is open:
Duration of this course (in hours): 30.0
Description of the learning contents: All Levels // Beginners // Advancd techniques
Accomodation description: ✓ single room with acclimatization, every day room service, your own bathroom with show, lots of space, balcony
Accomodation includes food:
Languages spoken: German, English
About the instructor: Johanna - windsurf, sailing, Kitesurf instructor for over 10 years and Katrin - Kitesurf and SUP instructor, used to do waveriding in Fuerteventura now she is infected with the Kitevirus, she is also your Yoga teacher!
Available at the location:
Changing Rooms
Food & Drinks for sale
Kite Equipment for rent
Kite Equipment for sale
Please state your requested date in the message box at the checkout. Bookings will only be accepted when dates have been mutually agreed.:
Agreed by Kite-Surfing school
Terms & Conditions of the Service Provider: Registration, cancellation, interruption of events (1) Registration for our courses and events is binding. It can be in writing, via the website or by e-mail. The contract comes with a 20% down payment of the total price of the participant. (2) Each participant in our MagicWaters - Kitesurf, Yoga and Lifestyle Events (hereinafter also: "Participants") confirms with his registration that he has sufficient physical fitness, in particular can swim for at least fifteen minutes or has the license and that he is in a position to participate in the agreed course. Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in the practical kitesurfing sessions for safety reasons. (3) Cancellations of a booked event or course can be sent in writing to the participants via e-mail. MagicWaters is entitled to demand from the participant a lump-sum compensation, which in case of cancellation of the course up to 60 days before the beginning of the course 30% of the course fees, up to 30 days before the beginning of the course 60% and then 90%. In case of non-appearance of the participant, the compensation is 100% of the course fee, as well as if the course is canceled by the participant. If the customer of MagicWaters names a suitable replacement person, the participant will incur processing costs of 10% of the course price. (4) If a participant interrupts a booked kitesurfing event, the missing course hours within the same calendar year can be settled within the framework of the MagicWaters offer. Event fees, due date (1) The event fees result from the tariff specified in the description of the respective events. By the way, further costs, z.Bsp. for No Wind activities while the events occur. (2) The total amount must be paid by bank transfer no later than 30 days before the start of the event. As long as the event fee is not paid in full, there is no right to participate in the booked event. Right of withdrawal of MagicWaters "Magicwaters" is entitled to withdraw from the contract if the minimum number of participants noted on the homepage for a course up to one week before the start of the course is not reached. The participant is entitled to rebook free of charge and taking into account already paid course fees on a later course date, as far as he still has vacancies. If the participant does not wish to rebook, already paid tuition fees of "Magicwaters" will be refunded immediately. Further claims of the participant do not exist. Duties of MagicWaters "Magicwaters" undertakes to perform the booked water sports course / event properly. Obligations of the participant (1) Participants are required to follow the instructions of the instructor, to treat the material of "Magicwaters" with care and to behave responsibly in the classroom so as not to jeopardize the health of other participants or to promote the reputation of MagicWaters damage. In case of violations the participant can be excluded from the event. In this case the event fee will not be refunded. (2) In case of loss or damage of the material, MagicWaters will charge the person responsible for the damage the repair costs and the loss of value of the material. (3) Each participant is aware that the kite sport is an extreme sport and therefore an increased risk of injury may exist. Participating in the kite and yoga events carries an increased risk of injury and happens at your own risk. Force majeure In the event of force majeure, in particular during thunderstorms, storms or drafts, a kite course can be interrupted or canceled at short notice. MagicWaters is in this case not obliged to replace the participant. liability MagicWaters is responsible for the correct preparation and execution of the water sport courses and for the services we offer. MagicWaters accepts no liability for damage caused by misconduct or lack of experience of the participant (s). Participation is at your own risk. data protection I am aware that my data is stored by Johanna Mätschke and Katrin Menke GbR so that all booked services can be properly planned and executed. The following data is stored: salutation, first name, surname of all participants, date of stay, e-mail, booked services and possibly also billing address, date of birth, telephone and accommodation. Your data will be stored until further notice and automatically deleted after 10 years, unless different statutory retention periods apply. At any time you can inform yourself about your data under and request a publication, deletion or correction. In addition, you have the right to contact the relevant data protection authority (such as your country data protection officer). Attached you will also find the data protection declaration. MagicWaters occasionally produces photographs and video material during the events. The Participant grants MagicWaters the unlimited right to use photographs and video recordings made during the course for promotional purposes on the MagicWaters website and social media. The participant is at any time free to revoke this consent with a statement in writing to MagicWaters.

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