2 Day Course - Beginners

Are you playing with the idea that kitesurfing is perhaps the perfect sport for you? If you would like to try out kitesurfing more intensively, then the beginner course is the perfect variant for you to learn kitesurfing. After this course, you will be able to continue and practice on your own. You can choose between a 2-day course or a 3-day course. The 2-day course is the right course for sporty, courageous beginners who are not afraid of new challenges. The 3-day course is the right course for all those who want more intensive supervision, as there are two additional lessons with your trainer on the water. Here at Lake Neusiedl, you will find the perfect conditions for making quick progress in kitesurfing.

Course ID: 2TK
The following is included: - Kite - Wetsuit - Kiteboard - Harness - Shower & lockers
You need to bring the following for this: - Trainers - Sunscreen - Sunglasses - Bottle of Water - Swimwear & towel
Course objective: Kite control, bodydrag, boardstart
Commences on the following days of the week:
Kite School is open:
Duration of this course (in hours): 12.0
Description of the learning contents: - 1 Practical lesson (first flight exercises with land kites) - 1 Theory session on the beach (information about the spot, building up tube kites, getting to know the safety function, training for tricky situations on the water) - 2 Practical lessons on the water (flying exercises with the kite in the water, first exercises with kite and board)
Languages spoken: German, English
About the instructor: Certified Kitesurf Instructor
Description & Address of Meeting point (if different than address): We meet at 10 am in the Move Surfstore at the beach promenade in Podersdorf. From there we drive together to our practice meadow to start your first attempts there. On our huge practice meadow, you have the possibility to try this sport for the first time and have fun in the morning.
Please state your requested date in the message box at the checkout. Bookings will only be accepted when dates have been mutually agreed.:
Agreed by Kite-Surfing school
Terms & Conditions of the Service Provider: Participation at the kite course is at ones own risk. The participants have no right for compensation for himself and other dependents against the operator as well as its employees so far as claims are not covered by the organizer liability. Each teacher may exclude a participant for non-observance of the introduction or due to lack of qualifications from further participation at the course. Excluding a participant for non-observance of the introduction the participant is committed to pay the full course fee. We are unable to guarantee for wind and weather. A short-term temporal and local relocation of the training may therefore be necessary. If due to inclement weather the course cannot be completed, it is possible to finish the training at another date within one year from original date at any Kiteriders Kiteschool or to claim the windguarantee with 45,- Euros back for any not consumed water training session. The school, its shareholders and its staff shall be liable for accidents and accident damages only so far, as an insurance policy - without taking on the above recourse - pays for the damage. Any further liability of the abovementioned is excluded for damages of the students and will be taken to any third parties by the students. This exclusion of liability applies regardless of legal reason, time when the damage occurs, person causing the damage and the person sustaining the damage, circumstance of injury or action of the damaging occurrence and their causes and nature. Any damage, which is caused during training or rental on training equipment by a fault of students, must be paid immediately. However Kiteriders also offers an equipment insurance for the course duration in the amount of € 6, - which covers lat rate damages up to € 500, -. If the student wants to take advantage of this insurance, it must be noticed below and the insurance need to be paid full in prior the course start. The student assures knowing how to swim for minimum of 30 minutes, to be physically and mentally in excellent condition and not to suffer from any weaknesses that can be enhanced by kitesurfing and its typical threats and pressures. He agrees with the exclusion of liability above.

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