Information about Kitemondo

How it works

How Kitemondo works

Kitemondo is an international marketplace: Kite Surfing Schools, Instructors and Kite-Surfing-Equipment-Rentals from all over the world are presented here. 

For Kitesurfers: 

You can browse around to find a course or a provider of personal tuition, without signing on. The use of this website is free-of-charge. Once you want to make a booking, you are requested to sign on. 

The prices, which you can see, are the final prices which are debited from your Credit Card or Paypal account (including all local and Sales taxes, duties as well as commissions). For transperancy reasons, we decided to display all prices in Euro. If you want to have a good estimate, how much the amount will be in your local currency, please use one of the free-of-charge currency-converter-websites, such as

All Service Providers do have different Terms and conditions, which is understandable, as they operate in different countries, with different jurisdictions. You need to accept those Terms & Conditions at the checkout.

Whenever you "book" a service, the Service Provider needs to confirm your booking by clicking an "accept button". Only if the booking is confirmed, you will be charged. We wanted to have it this way, to ensure that no "overbookings" of a course can be made and nobody has paid anybody, before a booking has been accepted.   
After you have completed your course, it would be greatly appreciated, if you could give your feedback.

For Kite-Surfing-Schools and Instructors (and Equipment rental): 

When you sign on for a Kite-Surfing School, you may want to choose an E-Mail address, which is read by more than one Person, to ensure, that you don't miss any bookings. You may also want to add your organization's name, (in Addition to your own Name).If you have filled in the Kite-Surfing-Schools Name in the "organization's Name" field, only this will be shown on your profile. We also recommend that you use a photogrpah of your Kite-School or a Logo as a picture for your profile. 

After you have signed on, you are able to create a listing for your offering. Depending on your Course, you can select the appriopriate category, such as courses for the various Levels (grouped upon IKO Standards). 

Payment Provider:
When you create a listing for the first time, you will be asked to choose your payment provider. There are two payment  Provider which we support: Stripe and Paypal. Both process the usual Credit Cards such as Visa and Mastercard. With Paypal, you can also receive payments via Paypal. 

A small disadvantage with Stripe is, that only bookings up to 85 days in advance (less than three months) can be made. As some kite-surfers perfer to book their Courses more than 3 months in advance, it might be user-friendly to use only Paypal, where a booking can be made 365 days in advance. If this is important to you, please do not try to use both payment providers, as enabling STRIPE will lead to a  maximum Advance booking period of 85 days from the day of booking.

However, Stripe does also offer Services like Alipay, which is a common means of payment in China. If you are targeting for the Chinese Kite-Surfers, you may want to use Stripe.

Confirming a booking
It is necessary, that you confirm a booking, once you received the booking request via e-mail. The credit Card of the Client will be debited after you confirmed the booking.       

Feedback after your service

Please remind the kite-surfer, after he has been at your Course, to give you a Feedback on

We wish you many happy new kite-surfers….

Kitemondo - Kite the world!